Great hobbies for creative minds

Team working on colour palate

Embracing a new hobby is the perfect way to break out of your series-bingeing funk and get into the groove of something new. As more people are permanently working from home, many are starting to slip back into the previous bad habit of going straight from their work desk to their couch and swapping one screen for another.  


The work from home commute from the desk to the couch is especially hard on creative minds who may be missing an outlet to release their creative energy. To help reignite your imagination, we look at the top hobbies creative minds will enjoy. 

Building Lego  

Do you remember how much fun you had building Lego as a kid? Today, Lego has taken its creations to new levels. Aside from being fun, Lego provides a mental challenge as you work out how to manipulate the bricks to achieve your model. From Hogwarts to remote-controlled cars, Lego has a design for all ages. 


Creative journaling 

If you have spent even a moment on TikTok, you may have come across the art of creative journaling. Accounts such as @Thejulietjournal post videos of creating beautiful journal pages consisting of a seemingly mismatched collection of paper, stickers and ribbon. It might seem silly at first, but seeing these pages come together is an art form that creative minds will love.  


Learning an instrument 

If you are a visual creative, taking on an aural challenge is a great way to mix things up and push yourself. Whether it's guitar, piano or even the drums, find an instrument that speaks to you and start with a professional lesson every 2 or 3 weeks. You can practice using YouTube tutorials in between, but a professional lesson every few weeks will keep you motivated. 


Building puzzles and 3D models 

You may think that puzzles are boring or something better suited to retired grannies, but you’d be wrong. Puzzles are relaxing, mentally stimulating and just plain fun. Between traditional puzzles, 3D puzzles and wooden 3D models, there is a puzzle out there for you. 



There is no better way to breathe new life into your creativity than getting your hands dirty and planting a garden. If you’re worried about your lack of a green thumb, you can start with a small section in your garden and work your way to something bigger. Gardening gives you a break from screens, allows you to nurture something and let’s face it - there’s always going to be a part of us that loves getting dirty.  


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