How to bring spring into your home

Living room with sunlight

It’s officially springtime! After a long cold winter, it is finally time to throw open those windows and let the light and warmth of spring fill your home. From adding flowers to introducing light textures and splashes of colour, there is nothing quite as refreshing as switching things up and transitioning your home decor from winter to spring.   


If you’re eager to get into the spring of things, we’ve got you covered. With our top tips on how to bring spring into your home, those winter blues will soon become a distant memory.  

Pack up your winter essentials 

Decluttering your home and packing up your winter essentials is vital when creating more space. Nothing makes a home feel lighter and brighter than packing up those heavy winter blankets and bulky coats, but don't stop there. Clear out items that won't be needed until next winter from every area of your home - you may be surprised by how much extra room you're left with. 


Invest in faux greenery 

Although seeing a bright bouquet of greenery is an instant mood-lifter, having a constant bouquet of fresh flowers can quickly get pricey. Treat your home and your wallet by investing in faux greenery. From small bouquets to pot plants, potted trees and wreaths, there are a wealth of options when adding faux greenery to your home. 


Introduce colour 

Nothing says springtime like a pop of colour. From light and colourful throw blankets and pillows to introducing brighter dishes into your kitchen collection or adding floral wallpaper for a statement look - colour is where it’s at. Whether you prefer to go bright and bold or enjoy something a little more subtle, shades of blue, green, pink and yellow are great for setting a spring tone.  


Light floral-scented candles 

A pleasant scent is another instant mood-booster, and while it may still be a little early in the year to enjoy the smell of fresh blossoms, that doesn’t mean your home can’t still smell like a beautiful English garden. Something as simple as lighting a floral-scented candle can make a huge difference in your home’s ambience, so go ahead and light up those gorgeous candles we know you have.  


Switch up your home layout 

If you’re the type to keep your furniture in a specific layout, taking the time to switch things up and move pieces around can make a massive difference. Consider moving statement furniture pieces to another section of your home or updating them with a splash of paint. Changing up your furniture layout is an easy and low-cost way to feel like you’re in a brand new brighter environment.  


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