How to celebrate Bonfire Night at home

Man standing at bonfire

If you’re looking for a few fun and exciting ways to celebrate Bonfire Night at home, we have some suggestions just for you! From apple bobbing and sparklers to roasting marshmallows and melting chocolate for s’mores, keep reading for some fiery ideas that will ensure you have a warm and colourful Bonfire Night from the comfort of your home.

First, make a fire 

Grab your loved ones and some treats and snuggle up with blankets around a hand-made fire pit in your garden. This way, your fur babies can join in while you enjoy warm surroundings and witness colourful fireworks that you can hopefully see from your yard. 

Pro Tip: If you have dogs – consider purchasing Mutt Muffs. They provide passive sound reduction to protect your pups from the loud fireworks. 

Plan some arts, crafts and games! 

From getting your face wet while you bob for apples to splattering paint on a canvas to re-create the look of fireworks exploding in the sky, include arty activities and games to keep kids – or adults! - entertained. 

Purchase glow sticks and sparklers 

Bonfire Night is known for colourful fireworks throughout the evening. However, if you have small kids or animals and would rather not have exploding bangs interrupting your fun, sprinkle some glow sticks around the garden for a colourful addition to your yard, make them into necklaces or give your kids a shiny sparkler to hold. 

Pro Tip: If your kids are too small to hold flaming objects, stick sparklers in a potato to keep tiny fingers safe. 

Make some rainbow hot chocolate 

Bonfire Night is all about bright and colourful displays. To ensure an explosion of colour in this traditional hot drink, you’ll need standard hot chocolate mix, food colouring, cream, multi-coloured frosting chips, marshmallows and sprinkle confetti. Your kids will be full of excitement - and sugar!   

Pro Tip: Make the hot chocolate mix and THEN add a small amount of food colouring. 

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