How decluttering benefits your mental health

If you’ve scrolled through social media lately, you will have come across countless videos of people cleaning, organising and decluttering their homes as they live a life of design. However, simplistic decor and living with less is more than a trend - it is the path to a healthier mental lifestyle. If you are interested in creating a more positive lifestyle, we look at how decluttering benefits your mental health. 


Decluttering is psychologically calming  

The truth behind decluttering is that an organised home has a proven calming psychological impact. From running after little ones to rush hour traffic and racing to meet office deadlines, our mental state is go, go, go. After hours of completing one task after another, coming home to a cluttered environment sends a signal to your brain that there is simply more to do. More to organise, clean or tidy, leaving you with no time to mentally decompress.  


It makes room for mental health  

Decluttering your personal or professional space creates more physical room and also removes the excess stimuli bombarding your brain from the moment you enter your home or office. A calm and organised interior is vital in creating a space that promotes productivity and overall mental wellbeing.  


It creates a calming environment 

If you’ve ever wondered why minimalists seem unusually cheerful, it’s because they have removed all clutter from their lives. They have essentially boxed up their stress and anxiety. A simplified space can benefit your mental health by making you feel calmer, happier and more in control. After all, a tidier space makes for a relaxed mind.   


A less stressful start to your day 

There is nothing worse than opening an overflowing cupboard or walking into a cluttered kitchen first thing in the morning. A cluttered or messy space automatically triggers anxiety and stress, which you may likely take out on the people around you, creating even more stress. By decluttering your home environment, you can design a calm and controlled start to your day.  


A good night’s sleep 

If your mum drummed the importance of making your bed or cleaning the kitchen before bedtime into you, you should thank her because she is a genius. Studies have shown that a cluttered or messy space can lead to a poor night’s sleep, increased tiredness and overall stress, ultimately leading to even less sleep and trapping you in a mentally draining cycle.  


Once you start, you will quickly realise why those decluttering videos are so darn addictive. However, simplifying your home does not mean throwing out all cherished items. Len’s Self Storage provides a perfect middle ground, saving the possessions you love while giving you all the space you need. With a range of self storage units to meet your needs and budget, your beloved items will be in the best hands. For more information, give us a call on 0131 552 8141 / 0141 810 8580 or drop into one of our branches. Here’s to a clutter-free future!