How to make more space in shared student accommodation

Woman packing shoes

Going from having your own bedroom at home to a smaller room that you now have to share can be one heck of an adjustment. Don't worry. With a few clever tricks, we'll show you how to make more space in shared student accommodation and give yourself and your roommate some much-needed breathing room. 

Make use of multi-purpose furniture 

Consider investing in ottomans that can be used as small storage containers. Instead of a bulky armchair taking up space, you will now have a convenient storage solution and a chair small enough to store beneath your desk and out of the way when not in use.  

Use vertical space 

Use hanging shoe organisers or behind-the-door towel racks for all loose items and accessories, such as your haircare products, toiletry bag, and even your cell phone charger and headphones. Now, loose items will always have a home that isn’t the floor. 

Under the bed storage 

Bed risers are an effective way to use the wasted space underneath your bed. Once your bed is high enough, invest in low-rise drawers or cheap containers to store extra items, including bedding, clothes, and textbooks. 

Rolling-cart side tables 

Most side tables are big and take up more space than necessary. This also makes them difficult to move around in a small space. A rolling-cart/mobile side table is a perfect alternative, providing additional storage space while being easy to move around. 

Switch to clip lights 

Standing lights and lamps take up floor and counter space. Investing in a few clip-on lights will enable you to clip the light onto your window or headboard, giving you plenty of light without taking up extra room. They're also easy to move around as you clean. 

Still need a little more room? Whether you need a small student storage locker for empty suitcases and extra textbooks or a larger unit for bulky sporting equipment, Len's Self Storage has you covered. To learn more, pop into your nearest facility in Edinburgh or Glasgow or get an easy obligation-free quote online