How to maximise space in your studio apartment

Studio apartment

How often have you seen a popular movie or tv series and wished you had a spacious, urban studio apartment like the main character? From cathedral-high ceilings to exposed brick walls and huge picture windows, movies have set the standard for what we think studio living is like. The reality, in 99% of cases, is vastly different. 


Living in a studio apartment is quite challenging as your bedroom and living room are combined, and you likely have a kitchen barely big enough to swing a cat. If you are interested in creating more space, look no further. We break down the best ways to maximise space in a studio apartment. 

Create boundaries 

The biggest issue for most people is that there is no clear divide between the bedroom and lounge area. If you have the space, use a tall shelving unit or a room divider to create a clear boundary between where you entertain and where you sleep. Alternatively, a murphy bed is a viable option if your apartment does not have the room to accommodate a divider. 


Choose furniture wisely 

Lounge space is precious, and you may not have the room to accommodate a bed and a traditional couch. Consider swapping out your bulky sofa for a loveseat. It’s both comfortable and compact. Alternatively, stick to sleek furniture with clean lines to avoid wasting space on puffier pieces. 


Create storage 

From books to picture frames, throw blankets and more, you need to create storage in a way that won’t have you tripping on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Install vertical floating shelves to safely store your goods while still keeping valuable floor space free. While some prefer to wall-mount their tv, a tv stand is a great way to create a focal point and add extra storage space. Love your greenery? Invest in hanging pot plants.  


Consider an open wardrobe 

Many studio apartments lack decent closet space. You can remedy this by investing in a low-cost garment rack to hang all of your outerwear, dresses and pants. It’s perfect for hanging up the items you wear most often, and it will take up very little room in your bedroom area.  



Decluttering is your best friend, and there are mental benefits to living with less. From your kitchen to your wardrobe, go through your items and remove all excess items that you don’t use daily. A great way to create space is to remove all seasonal clothing and unessential kitchen appliances and store them in a storage unit.  


When you need a little more room, Len’s Self Storage has all the room you need. With a wide variety of self storage units available in Edinburgh and Glasgow, you can easily store your lesser-used items, seasonal clothes and sports gear in a convenient location right on your doorstep.  


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