How to safely pack fragile items when moving

Person wrapping plates in bubble wrap

Moving can be exciting - but also stressful! It requires a lot of planning, organisation and packing. One of the trickiest parts about moving is packing fragile items safely for transport. Whether you’re moving antiques or something as simple as dinnerware, you want to ensure that your belongings stay safe during the move. 

Here are a few tips on how to pack fragile items when moving.  

Wrap your items carefully 

Start by wrapping each item in bubble wrap or foam padding to provide cushioning against impact with other objects in transit. After wrapping each item individually, place them inside their respective boxes and fill any extra space with additional padding material like newspaper or foam peanuts. This will help keep your items from shifting around too much and reduce the chance of damage due to impact or vibration during transit. 

Choose the right boxes 

The most important thing to consider is size; your box should fit snugly around the items so they don’t shift during transport. If you don’t have any appropriately sized boxes, you can buy them at our Len’s Packaging Shop or try making your own out of cardboard.  

Pro Tip: ensure the box you choose is sturdy enoughto handle your item's weight and size.    

Label everything clearly 

Label all your boxes with clear labels indicating that they contain fragile items so the movers know to handle them with care when loading and unloading them onto trucks or storage units! If possible, include a list of what is inside each box in case anything needs further attention once you arrive at your destination. This will help ensure that your precious belongings arrive safely at their new home.                                                             

With careful planning and preparation, anyone can move their belongings safely and securely without damaging them. Len’s Self Storage not only offers secure storage solutions, but we also offer quality packaging materials!  


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