How to safely store vinyl records in storage

Person holding vinyl record

Collectors and music lovers know too well how much it hurts when vinyl records suffer damages, especially those that are limited edition! Whether the damage includes scratches, a bent sleeve or warping, there’s no going back when they occur.  

Did you know that improper storage is one of the most common reasons vinyls become damaged? To avoid your collectibles becoming warped and tired, keep reading for tips on storing your vinyl records safely.  


Clean your vinyls before storage  

It’s important to give all your vinyls a good clean before storing them away, particularly if they will be in storage for a long time. Record cleaning brushes are an easy way to remove dust. Place the brush on the vinyl in line with its pattern and spin the record.   

Pro Tip: Avoid cleaning your vinyl with your t-shirt (even if it’s soft!) The fibres can cause damage and scratches.  


Use inner sleeves  

Once you’ve cleaned each vinyl, a crucial step in maintaining its quality is by having an inner sleeve for each one. The sleeve needs to have a smooth and silky feel - so the material doesn’t scratch your vinyl rather than protect it!   

Pro Tip: Avoid paper-like sleeves. They act as sandpaper and can slowly scratch away the surface of your vinyl.  


Use outer sleeves for added protection  

You can never go wrong with having an extra layer of protection. An outer layer can protect your vinyl from any potential dust.   

Pro Tip: If you’re not a fan of using outer sleeves, consider investing in sealable vinyl bags.  


Purchase balanced and strong shelving  

Avoid piling vinyls horizontally on shelves that aren’t sturdy (or even on the floor), as it can cause a collapse. Here are a few tips to ensure you have balanced and strong shelving:  

• Invest in metal, L-shaped brackets to slip under each corner of the shelf you’ve purchased for added sturdiness  

• Create labelled dividers to help maintain balance throughout the shelves, and also keep your vinyl organised  

• Always group your vinyl in sizes to help balance the weight distribution evenly  


Your garage is not always the best place to store your vinyl as it gets quite hot during the summer months, which could cause your vinyls to warp. Contact Len’s Self Storage today and store your collectibles safely with us.   

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