How To Safely Store Your Christmas Decorations

A fully decked out Scottish Christmas Tree

There goes another enchanting Christmas season, and coming this way is a fresh start to the new year. As the festive vibes slowly fade away, one crucial task is left: packing away those precious Christmas decorations. 


It's time to say farewell to red-nosed reindeer and frosty snowmen alike while you prepare your home for the coming year. However long you're waiting to pack it all away, our handy guide will equip you with the best ways to store your decorations.

Getting Your Christmas Decorations Ready for Storage


A person packaging their Christmas decorations away


Before you squirrel away your Christmas decorations, you'll want to do more than simply throw them into storage without a care in the world (a great way to preemptively ruin next Christmas). Follow these steps closely:

Sort Your Decorations

Before you start packing away your Christmas decorations, take your time to sort through them. You can start by separating items based on their fragility and size. Please handle your delicate ornaments and glass decorations with care and pack them separately to prevent unwanted breakage. It'll make your life easier if you group items by location (for the tree/for the wall/for the fireplace, etc.), so you won’t have any trouble finding them next festive season.


Labelled containers or clear plastic bins are worth their weight in gold because they keep everything organised. Sorting your decorations not only streamlines the entire packing process but also helps preserve the integrity of your festive items.

Give 'Em a Clean

After a month of spreading holiday cheer, your decorations may have accumulated dust and dirt. Before placing them in storage:


  1. Give each item a thorough cleaning.
  2. Use a soft cloth or duster for delicate ornaments and decorations.
  3. For bigger items like wreaths and artificial trees, consider using a gentle vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air to remove any dust and debris.


Cleaning your decorations keeps them looking fresh and makes sure they'll be ready to dazzle when you unpack them next Christmas. Taking the time to remove any collected dust lessens the risk of attracting pesky pests that may damage your festive gems during storage.

Make a List

Creating a detailed list of your Christmas decorations helps in quite a few ways. It helps you keep track of what you have and ensures that everything is accounted for during the packing process. Cross off the list as you pack each item to stay on top of things.


A comprehensive list can also be a valuable asset when you need to plan next year's holiday decor. It allows you to assess what needs replacing or upgrading and allows you to make informed decisions about future purchases. 


The Best Ways To Store Your Christmas Decorations


A woman wrapping up individual ornaments


Taking the time to properly store your Christmas decorations means they will remain pristine for the next holiday season. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you pack away your holiday jewels with the care they deserve.


Deconstruct the Christmas Tree

Start by carefully dismantling your Christmas tree. Remove ornaments, garlands, and any other decorations one by one. Take a moment to inspect each item for any damage, and set aside any that need repair or replacement. You should look into special Christmas tree bags or wrapping if you’re serious about your tree’s preservation. Ideally, you will use this tree to lighten up your home for many seasons to come!


Lower the Christmas Lights

Gently unwind and lower the Christmas lights from the tree if you haven't already done this step. Consider using labelled cord organisers or wrapping the lights around a sturdy reel to prevent tangling. Inspect your bulbs for any damage and replace them as needed. There is no use in storing broken or shattered pieces, which can provide a sharp and unwanted surprise when you bring them out next year.


Box Away Your Baubles

Place any delicate and breakable ornaments in your ornament storage boxes, preferably with individual compartments. For larger ornaments, think about using egg cartons or repurposed shoe boxes with tissue paper to cushion and protect each item.


Wrap Up the Wreaths

Wreaths can be fragile, so handle them with extra love and care. Get wreath storage containers to help maintain their shape and protect the more delicate decorations. After using the wreath containers, get some large, sturdy plastic bags or garment bags to wrap them up and shield them from dust.


Stow Away Your Stockings

Carefully fold and pack your Christmas stockings, making sure they stay clean and intact for the next holiday season. If your stockings are adorned with embellishments, wrap them in tissue paper to prevent snagging and ripping within their storage bag or box.


Take Down Tree Toppers and Figure Out the Figurines

Remove tree toppers and any figurines adorning your festive display. Place them in designated boxes, wrapping fragile items in bubble wrap or tissue paper. Label your boxes clearly to make finding your decorations easier next time around.


Don't Tear the Tinsel

Tinsel can be delicate and prone to tangling. Gently remove it from the tree and store it in a sealed bag or container to prevent damage and keep it ready for the following year's sparkle.


The 5 Best Places To Store Your Christmas Decorations


A couple packing boxes in a self storage unit


  1. The Attic

Attics are often spacious and out of the way during the rest of the year. They provide ample space to put away any storage bins and are generally dry, which helps protect your decorations from any moisture. Make sure the attic is well insulated to prevent any extreme temperature fluctuations. Use plastic bins with tight lids to keep dust and pests away.

  1. Your Basement

Basements offer a cool and dark environment, ideal for preserving your decorations. These are usually large spaces, meaning you can organise your items more effectively. Get those storage bins on pallets or shelves to prevent unwanted moisture absorption and label your bins clearly for easy identification.


  1. A Large Closet

A dedicated closet is convenient for smaller decorations and those you need more frequent access to, like stockings and wreaths. It keeps your decorations easily accessible and still well protected. Use clear storage bins or repurposed shoe boxes to keep smaller items organised within the closet. Hang your wreaths on hooks to maintain their shape.

  1. The Garage

Garages have ample space (unless you collect cars) and are easily accessible. They are suitable for large decorations and sturdier items. You should think about installing shelves to make the most of your available vertical space. 

  1. Rent a Storage Unit 

A storage unit is ideal for those with limited or less-than-ideal home space. It's also one of the best options for preserving decorations. These spaces provide a dry, temperate environment, and you can choose the perfect size for your needs instead of cramping everything in one corner at home.

How To Rent a Self Storage Unit 

  • Choose your storage unit size (we recommend around 50 sq ft)
  • Decide on the dates you'll need to store 
  • Select your location
  • Fill in your personal details
  • Get your quote
  • Pay and move your stuff in!


A Len’s Self Storage facility in Scotland


If your home is overflowing with Christmas joy in the form of tinsel, trinkets, and all manner of tree ornaments, then you can trust us to take care of your beloved holiday décor! Visit Len's Self Storage, and we'll set you up with the perfect seasonal storage unit. 


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