How To Use Containers for Your Business Storage

A business man with a hard hat using a container for storage

From wee start-ups to established Scottish enterprises, finding secure and affordable storage for your business can be a common struggle. That's where container storage comes in handy!


Containers are a versatile and cost-effective storage solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We'll walk you through the ins and outs of using these sturdy steel boxes that can help stow your excess inventory, equipment, files, and more.

What Exactly Are Containers?

A container being used for self storage


You've likely seen the big metal boxes being transported by lorries, trains, and ships. Those are shipping containers — portable steel units originally designed to move cargo easily between different modes of transportation.


While their primary use is for shipping, containers have become a popular storage option too. They're extremely durable, weatherproof, and can be delivered to just about anywhere you need some extra space for your belongings.


The Benefits of Container Storage for Scottish Businesses


So why should you consider container storage? Here are a few key advantages:



Compared to renting a warehouse or other large storage space, containers are generally much more cost-effective — especially for short-term storage needs. You only pay for the container rental itself without being locked into long leases or pricey fees (among other overheads).



Containers, with their heavy-duty construction and durable materials, provide fantastic security. Your goods stay put and protected from any abrasive elements until you're ready to retrieve them. You kind of feel like you've got your own little fort going on here, right?


Space Savings  

Containers are great at offering veritable mountains of vertical space, so you can fit more inside than you may think. With an organised stacking system in place, you can pack in inventory, equipment, files, and more without worrying about shrinking square footage space.


Convenient Access 

Container storage typically comes with convenient drive-up access so you can safely store any business inventory and equipment that needs stowing and protection. No more unnecessary hassles when you load and unload!


How Big are Containers?

Much like self storage units, container unit sizes also have a variety of options to choose from. The most popular sizes are the 160 sq. ft containers. 


How Wide Is a Storage Container? 

These 160 sq. ft. containers are approximately 8ft (width) x 20ft (length) x 8ft (height). They can fit the contents of a large three-bedroom house or two larger-sized moving vans.


Making the Most of Your Container

A worker installing shelves in a container


Once you've got your container rented and ready for storage, it's time to load 'er up! 


Here are some tips to make the most out of the space you're renting:

  • Use uniform-sized boxes or crates for inventory to allow you to easily stack your items
  • Distribute heavy items along the floor and lighter goods up on top
  • Disassemble your large machines or furniture if possible
  • Install shelving units along the walls
  • Label all your boxes clearly and make digital inventories to keep track of where everything is
  • Leave a walkway down the centre to access all your items more easily


What Companies Typically Use Container Storage for Business?


While every single business could use extra storage for some much-needed space, some industries tend to stand out in how often they make use of these steel giants:

  • Small businesses/start-ups 
  • Large furniture companies 
  • E-commerce businesses
  • Construction companies
  • Events management companies
  • General retailers with excess stock
  • Online retail stores


Secure That Storage!

Once your business container is fully packed up, it's crucial to secure it properly. Make sure you have a heavy-duty lock in place so only you and your authorised staff can access the contents when you pop by for a visit.

You'll also want to choose a secure storage location, ideally with good lighting, cameras, and even security patrols. A secure container and self storage facility would be the best choice for this.


Easy Access to Container Storage in Scotland

A Len’s self storage facility container

Are you ready to try container storage for your business? The Len's Self Storage crew has you covered in the Hillington and Kinning Park areas of Glasgow.


Our flexible rental plans make containers an affordable option for temporary inventory storage, equipment storage between jobs, office moves, and more. Our secure storage facilities have worked with many business customers and are run by teams of professionals who are happy to assist whenever you need them.


Benefits of Using Len's Premium Container Storage: 


  • 24-Hour access, available at selected stores*
  • Convenient drive-up access which allows you to load and unload heavy items directly into your container unit
  • Large 160 sq ft storage space which allows you to store palletised stock, office furniture, equipment etc. 
  •  Cost-effective self storage options with discounts on long-term rental 
  • Flexible agreements that you can change as your needs shift
  • State-of-the-art security systems with smart, anti-tampering designs
  • Watertight, durable and dust-proof materials to protect your items from the environment 
  • Professional team of storage specialists on hand to help 
  • Quality packaging store on site with boxes, bubble wrap and more
  • Free customer parking 


Get in touch with us today to learn more about our container storage solutions tailored for Scottish businesses like yours. We'll make sure you'll get a storage container that fits your unique needs:


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