Must-have room items for college students

Woman carrying plastic containers

As a first-year, university can be an emotional cyclone of excitement, nerves, homesickness and the thrill of new adventures. If this is your first time going out in the world on your own, it’s best to have a few essentials and comfort items to help you settle in. 
From storage to décor essentials, we look at a few must-have dorm room items for uni students to help you create a home away from home.


Life tip - never skimp on bedding. Be sure to bring throw pillows, a beautiful throw blanket and top-quality bedding to ensure a great night’s sleep. Don’t forget the mattress and pillow protective covers – unfortunately, you’re not the only one who has slept in that bed.  

Storage bins  

Student accommodation generally offers limited storage space. Invest in storage bins that can slide underneath your bed or sit above the cupboard to hold textbooks, extra toiletries, small appliances and other regularly-used items.   

A safe or lockable box  

Although student accommodation is safe, it doesn’t hurt to up the security factor for valuable items. Be sure to protect your valuables like jewellery, your passport, medical paperwork and emergency credit card or cash from loss or theft by bringing along a safe or lockable box to protect them.  

Sliders or flip flops  

Whether you’re a germaphobe or not, communal bathrooms are used by hundreds of students Every. Single. Year. Let that sink in. Make sure to bring a pair of waterproof flip-flops or sliders to protect your feet from sneaky germs when using a shared bathroom.  

Don’t forget about décor  

From fairy lights and rugs to posters and family photos, personal items are essential for settling in. The last thing you want is your room to stay as bland as the day you first laid eyes on it. To avoid boring at all costs, bring a couple of your favourite items from home, adding more throughout the year.   


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