Packing your valuables


Whether you’re storing away your delicate items or packing them for the big move you want to keep them safe. So read this guide and skip the heart-breaking moment when you unpack your priceless family heirloom or 60-inch telly to find out it’s in pieces.

Our storage branches are equipped with 24hr CCTV and sophisticated alarm systems. Your valuables couldn’t be anywhere safer!

Get the right equipment for the job

You need the right boxes and packaging products to keep your fragile goods safe and sound. Len’s Self-Storage has all the cardboard boxes you need as well as packing tape and bubble wrap. Packing paper and bubble wrap offers a crucial layer of shock-absorbing protection, so don’t be shy to use plenty. Try to have an idea of how much you need so you don’t run out and leave your last items unprotected.

Don’t overpack your fragile items

Try to keep it simple and don’t pack your fragile things in with other items. Keeping them packed separately will let you keep track of them and ensures they won’t get bashed in a bigger box with other things. Smaller boxes are easier to carry and store away too.

Use original boxes if you have them

The original boxes for your electronics are the best places to put them if you’re lucky enough to still have them. This is the easiest way to pack your TV, computer or games consoles. Don’t worry if you don’t still have them, you can still keep them safe by opting for boxes that are the right size. Remember to backup any important computer files before you pack your PC away to be extra safe.

Take your time

Packing things away isn’t the most fun way to spend the afternoon and you might want to get it done quickly. But when it comes to fragile or expensive items it pays to take a little more care. This’ll mean you give them the care you need and the packing tape they need!

Store them with Len

If you don’t fancy taking your family china on your next move, or anything else for that matter, why not take a look at Len’s storage solutions. Our storage branches are fully staffed and equipped with 24hr CCTV and sophisticated alarm systems. Your valuables couldn’t be anywhere safer!