Studying abroad? Practical tips to make the move smoother

Study abroad laptop

When people get ready to study abroad, they imagine themselves lounging in a picturesque location, sipping coffee on a cobblestone street, and diving into the sights and sounds of a new culture. While this can certainly be the case, studying abroad also requires a lot of prep work to ensure a stress-free experience. If you're heading off to university in another country, here are some practical tips to make your move smoother. 

Clarify your housing situation 

Will you be doing a homestay, renting a furnished apartment or moving into a student hostel? Whichever option you choose, clarify in advance if there are any specific rules around mealtimes, what furniture and appliances are included, and what amenities are available. 

Sort out your debit or credit card 

Before you hop on a plane and head for new lands, double-check with your bank that you will be able to use your existing debit or credit card abroad. Certain cards and accounts do not allow for any foreign transactions, or you may be charged an exorbitant transaction fee if they do.  

Don’t schedule your return flight right away 

Studying abroad opens up a world of possibilities, and one of those possibilities may include the opportunity to extend your stay. When booking your flight, inquire about the possibility and cost of booking a one-way ticket. If that’s too expensive, ask about keeping the return date on your round-trip flexible.  

Invest in storage 

The majority of study abroad programmes last between 6 months to a year. That’s a long time, and you’ll need a secure space to store your items until you return. Student storage provides a low-cost and safe space to store everything you’re leaving behind, including furniture, textbooks, sporting gear, clothes and more.  


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