Tips to effectively organise a small home office space

Coffee mug on desk

As more people embrace a minimalist lifestyle and opt to downsize their living spaces, many face a new challenge of creating a comfortable, functional and organised smaller home office. There is no denying that the ongoing opportunity to work from home is a blessing, but it can feel like a bit of a burden when facing a messy workspace.  


To help you make the most out of your home office, we have created an easy guide to getting the most out of your office square meterage. From going digital to implementing an organisational system that you can easily maintain, our top tips to effectively organise a small office space is the answer you've been looking for. 

Keep your desk clean and minimalistic 

It’s so easy to fall into the habit of working on a messy desk. From used coffee cups to your water bottle, headphones, notebook, and various daily clutter, you need to prioritise keeping your desk as clean and minimal as possible. Opt for functional and visually appealing accessories to help keep you organised and give every item a home. If it does not have a home, it does not belong on your desk. 


Invest in shelving 

Decent shelving can mean the difference between a space with a desk and a home office. It gives your workspace a classic finished look while providing a decent amount of space to store a mixture of work and decorative items. When it comes to shelving in a small office space, minimal is always best. Stick to sharp lines and a clean Swedish aesthetic. 


Go digital 

Document archiving is a huge space waster whether you’re working in a large corporate environment or a small home office. Don’t waste the little space you have stacking up files and boxes filled with old documents. The best option is to save digital copies for easy reference and store the physical documents either at your corporate head office or in a self storage unit. Garages are not ideal as the paperwork could get damaged. 


Create a wall calendar 

Make the most out of your free wall space by installing a hanging wall calendar. A bonus is that by hanging it up, you can keep a better eye on your schedule without needing to keep a planner on your newly organised desk. You can easily hang a traditional planner or create a reusable one using cork boards available at most hardware or craft supply stores.  


Use bins to organise small items 

If you are a stationery lover, you likely have a beautiful collection of pens, highlighters, paperclips, and other office equipment staples rolling around your desk drawer. Investing in small bins is a great way to keep every item organised and easily accessible. As a bonus, the drawers are a great way of keeping your desktop clean, and they are the easiest organisational system to maintain whether you’re a neat freak or not.  


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