Tips for setting up the perfect home office

Person sitting at laptop

Working from home has its benefits. But it can also be challenging to stay focused and productive! That’s why it’s important to create an ideal workspace that is inviting and inspiring. From creating a dedicated area to staying organised through thick and thin, here are five tips for setting up the perfect home office.  


Choose the right space 

The first step in creating a great home office is choosing the best space. You want to find an area with plenty of natural light, minimal distractions and enough room for all your office needs. Consider factors such as noise levels, access to other rooms and any potential hazards or issues that could arise in that particular area of your home. 

Pro Tip: if you have children, give them some arts and crafts activities – this can keep them busy for at least a little while, giving you time to get some work done! 

Create a dedicated work area 

Once you have chosen the best space, it’s time to create a productive work area. Make sure you have a comfortable desk chair and plenty of storage space for all your work materials. Invest in quality items such as adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs and high-quality lighting fixtures to help you feel comfortable.  

Pro Tip: if you don’t have enough storage space in your new office, consider renting a self storage unit with Len’s for all your extras or the leftover guestroom furniture! 

Invest in quality technology 

To stay productive and efficient while working from home, invest in quality technology equipment such as computers, printers, routers, scanners, etc. You should also ensure you have an adequate internet connection to easily connect with clients or co-workers without any issues or delays. 

Pro Tip: ensure you have appropriate security measures, such as antivirus software and firewalls, to protect yourself from cyber threats online. 

Stay organised 

Staying organised is vital when working from home since there are no colleagues around to help keep track of tasks and deadlines for you! Set up filing systems for documents like invoices or contracts, use online calendars or task management apps, organise supplies into baskets, set up efficient processes and hire virtual assistants who can help with admin tasks or project management duties to ensure you stay on top of things!                                                    

Add personal touches 

Don’t forget to add personal touches throughout your workspace, such as artwork or plants - anything that will make you feel at ease while working from home! If possible, decorate with natural elements like wooden furniture or live plants that'll breathe life into your workspace. This will help boost creativity and improve productivity over time. 


Setting up the perfect home office doesn’t have to be stressful - all it takes is thoughtful planning and creative thinking! Let Len’s Self Storage help relieve your stress by providing a convenient and easy-to-access space for all your extra office belongings – or even help by providing space to store all your guestroom items so you can turn that into your office space. Either way, we can help! 

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