Top 5 things to do in Edinburgh this autumn

Florist storefront

Is there anything better than autumn in Scotland? Absolutely not. From the jewel-toned leaves to the soft drizzle of light rain and a backdrop of the city’s iconic gothic structures, autumn in Edinburgh is a dream. Don’t believe us? Just ask TikTok.  
If you’re ready to embrace the beauty of the world’s favourite season, we’ve put together a list of the top five things to do this autumn in Edinburgh. Throw on your favourite coat, beanie and rain boots, folks – we're going out!  

Samhain Fire Parade 

Taking place in the heart of Edinburgh on 31 October is the Samhain Fire Parade, celebrating the transition from summer to winter. Get into the spirit and enjoy the mix of fire-play, drumming and immersive performances. For those who can’t make it, there is a streaming option available.  

The Marshmallow Lady  

Did you know that marshmallows come in a variety of ways? Thanks to the Marshmallow Lady in Rodney St., you can try toasted marshmallows coated in even sweeter treats. Whether you want your marshmallows in a milkshake, coated in chocolate, shaped like a doughnut, themed like a unicorn or all of the above, The Marshmallow Lady is a must-visit!   

PYO at Craigies Farm   

Join the thousands of visitors to Craigies Farm for their iconic Pick Your Own experience. If you’re in the mood for a crisp day out on a farm, join the fourth-generation farmer who turned this former-struggling beef and dairy farm into the thriving soft fruit and vegetable business it is today.  

Walk with ghosts  

If you delight in all things that go bump in the night, join the Dark Side Walking Tour. You’ll feel the hair on the back of your neck stand as you explore the gothic alleyways of Edinburgh, discovering gruesome graveyards and secrets that have paved the narrow alleyways over the centuries.   

Oktoberfest in Edinburgh  

Places such as the Leith beer garden and Princess Street Garden host Oktoberfest loudly and proudly. Enjoy drinks, music and delicious Bavarian food at these two pubs or check out a few others within Edinburgh – many will be celebrating Oktoberfest at its finest!   


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