Top business-related university majors

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Choosing your major is one of the most important decisions you'll make in your university career. You want to choose a major that will challenge you and help you grow as a person while also preparing you for a successful career. The world of business is often a top choice for this.  

If you're looking for a way into the complex world of business, consider one of the following top business-related university majors as a starting point. 


Accounting is a highly sought-after skill in the business world, and those who have a strong understanding of accounting principles will undoubtedly find themselves in high demand. If you love numbers and are excellent under pressure, accounting is for you. 

Business Administration 

Not sure which field you want to build a career in? Why not try majoring in business administration? This versatile program is an excellent starting point for the business-minded and can help you prepare for a variety of different business positions, including marketing and accounting.   


Want to be your own boss? Consider entrepreneurship. You'll learn everything about business, from market research and product development to financial planning and customer service. And because you'll be in charge of your own business, you'll have the opportunity to be creative and innovative in your work. 

Digital Marketing 

Businesses need digital marketing to succeed in today's hyper-competitive marketplace. With this major, you will gain an understanding of consumer behaviour, learn how to use various digital tools to reach and engage customers, and learn to craft advertising messages that resonate. 


The exciting world of trade and finance awaits you in the field of economics. You may even have the chance to study a foreign language if you choose to specialise in the international markets. If you enjoy spending your days reading about inflation and the new happenings in the global market, this sought-after major is a top choice. 

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