Top dorm room storage hacks

Girls in a dorm room

The key that fits in the door of a tiny dorm room is organisation! Dorm rooms often come with limited storage space. Therefore, you need to find better ways of putting your items away. 

From the challenges of clothes falling out your cupboard to inevitably tripping over your laundry basket every time you enter the room, keep reading for a few dorm room storage ideas you can implement today. 


Storage bags – for your clothes! 

As a student (especially one that has travelled quite a distance from home), you probably have more clothes with you than you need. From three jackets to tons of winter scarves, storage bags are perfect for seasonal clothes - plus, you can slide them under your bed! 

Pro Tip: Save even more space by storing your seasonal clothes in one of our storage lockers!  


Desktop drawers 

Most dorm rooms come with a desk (but the desk may only have one drawer for you to work with!). Desktop drawers can be placed straight on your desk where you can store stationery, notes and other bits and bobs you may have. It can create an organised look and feel to your space while also freeing up your one desk drawer for other memorabilia. 


Mini fridge vertical shelving 

A mini fridge helps make things easier - rather than walking to the canteen or communal kitchen for a light snack! If you have a mini fridge, consider vertical shelving as an extra attachment. This will provide you extra space for storing anything from a coffee maker and your midnight snacks to a microwave and coffee cups. It's like having your own little kitchen, plus you won't have to use your study desk for your microwave leaving your bed as your next best option - although it might not be your back's best option! 

Pro Tip: When heading home for the holidays, lugging a mini fridge around cannot be fun. Store it with Len’s Student Storage options and avoid the heavy commute.  


Under-the-bed wire carts 

Make sure you phone your university ahead of time to enquire about the space you’ll have under your bed. If the bed is off the floor (even slightly), you can use under-the-bed wire carts with wheels. Pack and store anything from empty suitcases to seasonal clothing and heavy textbooks, and then simply roll them underneath your bed. 


A hanging hamper 

Instead of taking up valuable floor space with your laundry basket, consider hanging one on the back of a bedroom door. If you install two hooks, there will be enough room for your roommate to also hang one. Thus, freeing up plenty of floor space for you both. 


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