Why Do Students Need Self Storage Over Summer?

Students enjoying summer break

Summer break — what you’ve been daydreaming about since the semester began. It’s a chance to chillax, travel for a bit, or gain valuable work experience — whatever floats your boat. However, for many students, the start of summer break signals a time of stress, mainly from packing up dorms and finding a safe and reliable place to store their belongings; this is where a self storage facility can become your best mate (apart from Doug, who knows where all the raunchiest parties are happening). 


So, how will self storage solve all your problems, and make this summer break the smoothest one yet?


Temporary Storage During Moving Time

Many students live in dormitories or rental apartments during the academic year. When summer break arrives, they’ll need to vacate their living space and move back home or travel. Self storage provides a convenient solution for safely storing belongings until they return home for the next semester.


Preventing Any Dorm Space Problems

Many colleges have strict policies prohibiting students from leaving their belongings in the dormitories during summer breaks. Luckily, self storage is here to step in like an overly helpful relative. Students can also use self storage facilities throughout the school year to securely store valuable items away from the bustling, and often destructive, dormitory environment. This is especially useful for when you're away for a weekend and you have trust issues with some less-than-stellar fellow dorm mates who have an annoying habit of breaking your stuff and then lying about it (looking at you Doug).


For Help When Subletting or Changing Residences

Some students may choose to sublet their apartments or move to a different residence during the summer. In this case, they will need a permanent place to store their possessions and can use self storage as a temporary solution to smoothen the process and ease their minds during this time. Because who has the time to stress during summer break? 


Student’s moving boxes into self storage

Saving Time and Effort

Rather than students having to transport all their belongings back and forth each time they visit home, it is more practical for them to store their possessions in storage units during breaks. This way, they can avoid the hassle of constantly moving their items and instead focus on enjoying their time at home. Also, when classes resume, they will only need to retrieve their belongings from storage and bring them back to school, simplifying the whole process and saving valuable time and effort.


For Assistance During Study Abroad Programs

If you’re getting ready to head to foreign soil to broaden your horizons, then good for you! But students participating in study abroad programs often need to leave their belongings behind while they're away. Self storage allows them to store their items securely until they return from their program. And let's be honest; you'll need somewhere to store all the fond items and gimmicks you'll be bringing back to remember your experiences. You'll have to refrain from cluttering up a dormitory, as they aren't usually known for their expansive spaces.


Saving Space and Preventing Fights at the Parent’s Home

When students bring their belongings home, they face the lovely challenge of finding a suitable place to store them without it devolving into a rage-filled fight. If the parentis have already transformed your bedroom into hobby areas or dens (didn’t wait too long before I left, did you Pa?), these personal items can quickly add to the clutter. Opting to keep these items in storage during the break effectively minimises the chaos, allowing for a more organised and spacious living environment, with much fewer family knife fights. Home-bound students can now bring along only their clothing and a few essentials to keep them occupied during their time at home, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable break with the parents.


Help Transitioning Between Academic Institutions

Students transitioning between academic institutions, such as transferring to a different college or university, will need storage during the summer if they have to move out of one location before moving into another. A trusted self storage facility offers a convenient option to store their belongings during this transitional period, as well as providing packaging materials and moving services that can support them while they work on changing chapters in their academic story.


For Seasonal Storage 

Some students may have items they don't need during the summer months, such as winter clothing, sports equipment, or particular bulky furniture/items. A self storage unit allows them to safely store these items until they are needed again in the future for their specific purposes, clearing up some much-needed living space in a dormitory/apartment. So don’t freak out that the RA says you can’t keep your fencing swords in your room, there’s a home for them out there!


During Graduation and Relocation

Student’s graduating and celebrating


When students graduate, they might need to relocate to a different city or state for job opportunities or to pursue further education. A self storage facility can be helpful during this transition by providing a secure space to store their belongings until they find a permanent residence, while bidding goodbye to the best bloody years of their life… 


…and Doug.


Whether you're transitioning between university flats, returning home, or embarking on a summer adventure, Len's Self Storage is the ideal solution. We take care of storing your items, eliminating the need for you to deal with the hassle and expense of transporting them. Additionally, you can team up with friends and split the cost by sharing a self storage unit.


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