What is Container Storage? Everything You Need to Know

A man standing in an empty storage unit

Regarding storage for your items (business or personal) in the UK, you typically have two options - self-storage units or containers.


Technically, 'self storage' is paying for a storage space where you can load and unload your items while managing access yourself with the occasional help from the staff. In container storage, you store your items in an individual container (or multiple containers if you have many/oversized items) inside a warehouse. Container storage works ideally for people who are storing many enormous things for an extended period without any intention of coming or going between filling and emptying the unit.


Often these containers are not in a well-kept condition due to these long periods of inactivity. At Len's Self Storage, we offer superior container storage units with timely drive-up access so you can securely store all your business inventory and equipment hassle-free. You shouldn't settle for a run-down, rusty container unit - you and your business deserve better!


How Big Are Storage Containers?

Image 1: A Storage Container


We offer 160 sq. ft containers. These are approximately 8ft W x 20ft D x 8ft H. One of our premium containers can fit the contents of a big three-bedroom house.


Why Would People Typically Use a Container for Storage?


There are a few reasons you would prefer to use containers as your primary mode of self storage, apart from the long-term reasons discussed earlier in this article.

At Len's, every container offers the following:


  • Easy drive-up access 
  • Cost-effective discounts, especially on long-term rentals
  • Adaptable lease agreements 
  • State-of-the-art security plans 
  • Watertight | Durable |Dust-proof
  • A professional team of storage specialists is always on hand to help 
  • Quality packaging store and tools on-site
  • Free parking for our customers


These business operations are looking for highly sustainable and budget-friendly construction solutions. Our containers are eco-friendly, adaptable, strong, and created with an industrial-grade steel cover that can withstand even the most severe weather conditions. That's a little more security for your money!


How Much Is a Storage Container?


The monthly cost will depend on your location (Glasgow or Edinburgh) and how long you'll be using the container. Regardless, Len's offers discounted prices and promotions you will want to take advantage of!


  • Store with Len's and receive a 6-month discount of 6% 
  • Store with Len's and receive a 12-month discount of 12% 


From business owners to new students, from household items to warehouse stock - if you're looking to store in Edinburgh or Glasgow, all our facilities have space for you! We're one of Scotland's most viable options for storage solutions, with excellent quality products at a highly affordable price, especially for our long-term renters.


Our containers are always in high demand, so grab a quick quote now!


Can You Live In a Container?

Image 2: An inside view of a storage container with lights on and items inside it


It seems like a decent spot to move in all your stuff and live it up, right? But if we had to give you a simple and direct answer - then no.

Some legalities have to be evaluated before a building to be considered "liveable" for a human being - namely: 


  • Plenty of natural light
  • Proper ventilation throughout the area
  • A steady hot and cold water supply
  • Adequate drainage and sanitary establishments


Based on this, containers don't satisfy the conditions considered liveable for humans - therefore, we can't live in them. Now if an architect or builder worked on altering the container to fit these requirements, it would be up for discussion, but we don't allow such alterations to our units. We're running a storage company, not an Airbnb!


Containers for Businesses

Image 3: People in business attire working with stock in a storage facility


Our drive-up containers offer a dry, clean and safe space - assuring our clients a premium storage solution at a more affordable cost than conventional warehousing. 


Businesses that use our container storage include:


  • Big furniture companies 
  • E-commerce enterprises
  • Smaller businesses/start-ups 
  • Construction corporations
  • Online retail stores
  • Conference & Events Management businesses
  • General retailers with excess stock


Containers for Households


Sometimes it feels like you need a second home to store all the household items and seasonal clothing clogging up your living space!


When you need unconventionally large amounts of space - ones where a typical self storage unit just won't cut it - a container will settle all your issues.


Our cutting-edge containers promise dry and secure storage and guarantee top-quality space for anyone looking for personal (excess household items/art installations too large to keep in the home) or student storage (study materials, items that need storage between home and university).


Container Storage vs Self Storage


Standard self storage units and containers are popular options for growing businesses needing secure extra space.

Storage containers are a convenient solution for small or large furniture companies. Both deliver clean and secure repositories with simple access control and advanced security systems. Still, if you are looking for more space and flexibility for less cost per square metre, a storage container is recommended.


Our modern shipping containers permit you to store large amounts of stock or sizable office equipment fast and affordably without the pricey overheads of renting a private warehouse. 


If you're looking for storage solutions and live in Sighthill and Granton or Hillington and Kinning Park, Len's Self Storage has the best options!